Barnyard BBS

…enemies becoming friends,
…when bitterness ends

I'm starting to build a collection of web template designs.  I've also started contributing to

Here's my personal repository.  Just like the content of Barnyard BBS itself, these are all Creative Commons (images and all).  Enjoy.

I've packaged the templates in the same structure that OpenWebDesign requires.

Template Preview Image
Barnyard BBS Classic
This is the primary Barnyard BBS Template, all ready to go as a template. It's XHTML 1.1 / CSS. It includes PSP vector-images, in case you'd like to edit the artwork.
Template Preview Image
Club DJ
This template is a derived from a site I originally created for my friend Ray Devine. It's XHTML 1.1 / CSS. It's a fun layout, with fully flexible rounded boxes.
Template Preview Image
This template exists because the client that wanted it backed out before delivery. I though best to make it public, so someone else can benefit. It's XHTML 1.1 / CSS.