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Dogs do not fly, but i know one that thinks she can
3/15/2007 9:10:00 AM

i just thought that i had to let everyone know that , i have a dog who thinks she has wings like a bird...

i am sure that everyone has heard of sweet faraday.. mug shot is below...

Wiener-Dogwell this sweet sweet puppy thinks that she is a bird, yes she does, she thinks that her ears are wings and they at any moment she will be able to fly... well i have news for her.. she is not a bird, her ears are not wings and she can not fly!!!!!

this morning while i was working in the kitchen doing my wifely duties i look out the window and see faraday sitting on the grill. now i am use to her sitting here, this seems to be her favorit spot in the whole yard... at first she was curled up and watching what was happening in the yard and then she turned around and was watching what i was doing in the kitchen... i thought that this was kind of cute, so left her be... after all this spot that she has found is not that bad and she does not listen to me...

so i go about my business and  finish the dishes...

i then like a good mom, go to let the hounds back inside... i open the door and walk out on the porch... and guess what i saw?

don't know?

well i see my lovely little girl faraday... on top of the wood pile happy as can be... making her way down so she can come inside... i nearly had a heart attack.... will someone please please tell my little girl that she can not fly and that she is not a cat, her little legs are not ment for climing....


Posted By Skye, Sunday, April 01, 2007 10:38:00 AM
Faraday, the superdog, can leap tall woodpiles in a single bound - well only in her doggy dreams!