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There is progress
9/21/2007 6:12:00 PM


Okay today i must say there is progress. The pain that i have been having since the surgery is starting to go away. I must thank the invention of advil for that i think. I took a big dose of it last night like the Dr. suggested, because the vicodin was just not doning anything and well it did the trick and i was able to sleep with very little pain. Today I have backed off the pain killers, and just used some advil. To me that is a big improvement.

The Dr. said that i would start feeling like i could do things by Saturday and well she was right. I feel by Saturday i will be bright as rain or atleast able to forget about the pain as much as possible.

I think that i will beable to go back to work on Tuesday. thou i still need to tell Lori abuout needing to leave early on the 3rd. That is one appointment that i do not want to miss.

On another topic, I recieved the application for the Community college. Plus i did get a call back from University of DE. Do to being a little out of it lately i have not called back i figured that i would do so on Monday so that i can set up an appointment with the Engineering Department. As per the voice-mail message i got form them i think that they are a bit confused as to what i intend to do. I told them that i already have a BA and that i wish to recieve a BS in Engeering from there school. They asked on voice mail who did i get a BA in Engineering and was i after a Masters? So i think that i need to explain things to them. Atleast try explaining things to them.

Okay lets see what else is there to tell.

Ion has not been acting himself lately. He has not been as active sleeping and laying down alot. Then yesterday i found him licking and scratching at himself, so i think that He has fleas, so i went and got some flea stuff for Him and then others hoping that will bring him out of his funk. if not i will take hime to Saraha and see if she can see what is wrong with him. After all he is my baby boy and i do not want him feeling ill in any way.

well that is about all i have for today. will write more later.  


Being a Woman sucks
9/20/2007 6:07:00 PM

okay it is like 3 days after surgery and  well i must say that i am miserable.

i was okay monday, had some cramping but all in all okay, then tuesday it started to hurt but still tuesday morning i was okay.. webnesday i ended up in bed all day because i was just in pain....

now today i have called the Dr. twice she is telling me that everything is okay, that it is because she took so much material out of me, and i will not want to go anywhere just stay home until saturday...

i just want the pain to stop , i hurt so bad it''s not funny, and i am trying so hard to not be grumpy or cranky, and keep a good attitude and such. but i hurt so bad, i just want to cry. i can do this till saturday it is bound to get better. i have to get better. if not i am calling the Dr. on monday and telling her in very firm words that she needs to stop this pain now.

okay i think that i have complained enough will get a drink and go lay back down and see if there is something good on TV. 

Monday's surgery, and recovery.....
9/19/2007 8:39:00 AM


hi everyone.

i would so like to thank Diane for staying with us longer then she expected. She was a big help and a joy to talk with, most wonderful company. thank you very much.

okay lets recap on what happened monday.

monday i went in at 6:30 to have a

{Dilation and Curettage - For dilation and curettage (D&C), the opening of the uterus is stretched (dilated). A special device called a curette is used to gently loosen and remove a sample of the uterine lining. This tissue then is studied in the lab to check for cancer.}

and a

{Hysteroscopy - For hysteroscopy, your doctor inserts a slender, telescope-like device into the uterus to look for areas in the lining that may be abnormal.}

i must say that St. Frances Hospital is out of this world awesome. they are kind, gental and compassionate. just what a person would want in a hospital. i did my best to keep a smile on my face and a positive attitude the whole time. figured why be down in the dumps and all closed up, it was not going to help anything to be that way. one of the nurses even called me a ray of sunshine, that just put a smile on my face.

okay now to the informative parts. the Dr. looked in and found a uterus covered in polyps. one was blocking a flopian tube as well. so she removed all the uterine polyps, sent some biopsies away to have tested, and cleaned out the uterus making it nice and smooth as it should be. She also said that they would come back, so that in a month Ben and i are to work on the baby thing, and get pregant as soon as the uterus is healed and the cervix is closed back down. this is because right now the uterus is what it is suppost to be and the baby has a huge chance to attach to the uterine wall which is a good thing. after the baby is born and things shrink back down to normal  i am going to have one more surgery. the Dr. is going to go in and lazer the inside of the uterus, destorying the endometrium (uterine walls) this will stop all growth of the walls, but there are side effects to this, 1. i will not have a period and 2. i will not be able to have anymore children. using the lazer is an alternitive to having a Hysterectomy. the Dr. said that they try not to do Hysterectomies anymore but try other ways of doing things. 

i am very happy that she is doing what she can so that Ben and i can have one kid before we have to act on the other stuff.

there is a down fall to all of this, i ended up with a blatter infection, which i must say is not fun. so, yesterday afternoon, and today i am hurting because of the combination of trama that is going on down below. yes, i did call the Dr. and she put me on a bunch of meds to calm the pain and stop the infection.

okay i think that i am going to go and take a nap now.

will write again later. when things have gotten a bit happier and chipper in life. 



HI there everyone it's update time!!
4/24/2007 9:04:00 PM


i thought that i would come in and talk a little about what was going on in my life...

last friday i was rather upset. i had a call from a Dr. that was not the greatest and well i was scared, so i had to see the Dr.  today. and well i think that Ben and i handled it very well and i am not crying or upset i am just looking into the facts about things... my Dr. is sending me to few specialist one is a High Risk Specialist at Christaina Hospital. He is going to work with the first Dr. and together they are going to deside what Hemotologist that i go see.

i have what is known as MTHFR  with a double A1298C mutation. 

the above links are really good resourses. because of this discovery my Dr. feels that she has found the cause of the Miscarrages that i have had. so that is a good thing. but she says that i am an intresting case because i also have Von Willebrands which is almost the complete opposite of MTHFR... but they both effect different elements of my blood.

the Dr. would like to put me on injectable blood thinners and Folic Acid supplements, but is holding off until i see the High Risk Dr. and the Hemotologist. so she says in the end  it will take about 6 weeks to come up with a good plan. that will have me pregant but watched so close i will be sleeping in the Dr.'s office lobby.  

there are alot of Risks that Ben and I are going to take but we feel that it is worth it. so we are going to watch closely and let them poke and prod me for a while. I promise to listen to the Dr's all of them. and together both me and the little yet to be bundle will be health and happy.

so look at the links above and if anyone has questions please let me know. i will either find out the answer or i will add it to the list to ask the Dr. when next i see Her. 

okay other news....

the charity thing is this weekend i am ready and waiting. i am sure that it will be a grand night. some really good friends are going to be there with me as well so wish me luck.

our nieghbor got a new greyhound he has just been off the track for about 2 weeks and seems to be a really nice dog. i wish them the best with the new family member.

Ben seems to still be loving his car... i am super happy that he is happy with it. and  the hydro seems to be doing well as well. i think that we will have a nice crop kof plant soon.

faraday still thinks that she can fly. which she can not. but she will never learn.

the gym with Tony is going well a little hard to follow the diet but i am working on it... and the work outs are well kicking my butt.... i am going to reach my goal i know that i will i just can't give up.

oh here is one more thing that is awesom.... Ben got me an ipod... and boy do i love it... i got a blue nano. i take it everywhere with me and i my best bud when it comes to the gym.

okay i better say good night before i go rambling any more.. 


the insurance saga continues...
3/16/2007 7:01:00 PM

 This is an update on the insurance story...

The Dr. called me this morning and she is awesome, she went to the billing person that they have there, who is just as amazing as the Dr. and together they figured out what  dianosis code to use so that Ben's and my testing will be covered...

Can we say YAY for the Dr. she had me call the insurance company back and make sure that it would work and if we used this code would we still need a letter of medical nessesity... Lorain C. at the insurance company was nice and helpful something that is not always found.. she verified that the code would work and that it would be covered.... 

So tomorrow Ben and I go to have our blood sucked from us by the vampires...

Today i also started the harmon meds... so i am a little emotional and moody... but other wise good... We are hoping that this is going to work and we are on our way to a wonderful bundle of joy...




adventures with our health plan
3/15/2007 8:00:00 AM

i do not know if everyone is aware that Ben and i are trying to have a little person...

i was about to give up, especially after losing the last bundle of joy. we were even looking at what it would take to adopt a child... Ben being the wonderful husband that he is, said before we adopt i want you to go to the Dr. one last time and see what we can do about this whole thing...

we did not trust Dr. Cooksey because of the really bad expearance we had with him. i just did not want to go through that all again. so i found another Dr. a girl this time. made an appointment and made arrangements for Ben to come with me as well.  the appointment went great and we love her, she is awesome and straight forward. she thinks that within six months i will be pregant with a baby... that has just made ben and i super happy... she ordered blood work for ben and i so make sure that our chromosomes like each other.. a wise idea i think... and she also wanted to make sure that anything related to Von williambrants is not causing the hard time either... so there is blood work for that as well...

Ben wanted me to call around and find out how much this is going to cost us. so we could pick a good lab. so i called Qwest and Labcorp.. Ben's blood work is going to cost $1002.00  and mind is going to cost 3,726.00 ... okay if you have not died from shock.  then please read on for more of the adventure... i called my insurance company to find out if they would cover the cost... and i was told...

" this is genetic testing so it falls under that part of the policy, so i looked it up in the book we have here. this test must be medically nessaray to see if there is a lift threatening defect or admormality, if so it will be covered if not then you will be responcible for such testing."

at this point i was like okay... the Dr. did say that if the lab did it correctly that it would be covered... so now i am not just scared i am getting frustrated... you see we have a 1000$ deductable on the insurance, so that means that the first 1000$ for ben's labs and the first 1000$ for my labs we have to pay, that is if it is covered by the insurance... if not then we are responcible for the testing in ben asked me to call the insurance company back, so i did. i asked them this time if and how much they would cover in the testing... i was told that they need to be billed first because then they know what was done... i told the girl i know what is going to be done and the reason and what they are going to charge the insurance... i was again told that sorry they could not help me. we had to get the test done and then they will determine what they will cover and pay. i so wanted to scream... this was not hard i needed to know what we are going to pay out of pocket...

well i have a feeling that the stress brought on my monthing, and when that happens i am to call the Dr. and then she is to deside if i go on clomed or not. she was hoping to have the blood work done and reviewed by then but i guess not. so i called her and she called in the perscription to the pharmacy... today i am going to pick it up.. i do not start it until tomorrow. she is also going to call me today and see if we can change the blood work up or if she still wants to do it.

so i guess the adventure continues and we go on...

i have a feeling we have the worse health insurance there is... and we are paying for it, that is what really kills me... Ben is thinking of switching to something better, after all, there are other people in the company that have, because well it is just that bad and it pays for nothing.