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I say, let me never be complete.
I say, let me never be content.
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3/22/2009 9:31:00 PM

wow it has been like forever that i have been here and written anything...

and here i am ready to give birth and just now writting...  well i should not say ready to give birth because well she should stay in my belly for a few weeks before i let her out... if is just that it feels like i have been pregnant and sick foever...i just don't like feeling like i am missing out on life. and that is how i am feeling... my world seems to consist on going to the Dr and my bed room...

 if anyone tells you that bed rest is a vacation they have never been on bed rest it is nothing like a vacation it is down right depressing.  i do not like having to depend on very one for nearly everything, i am a person that likes to do things on her own even if they are hard to do.... while i was in the hospital oh yeah i have not mentioned that have i? i was in the hospital for 50 days... not a fun time let me tell you.. i survived the stay and a few times i should have asked for help because i was just in pain but i didn't i was too stubborn and determed to do it myself. so that is what i did.

i am noticeing that alot of people are excited about Sophia's arrival (Sophia is what we are naming the baby). and yes we know it is going to be a girl we had they look a few times to make sure.  and she is spoiled even before she is out of my belly... Ben is making a movie of the whole thing... to embarase her when she gets older , you know the movie that we will show her boy friend before they go out on there first date... i hope that it makes her turn completely red to the point that the boy will not want to touch her... a wonderful birth control i do believe... i did suggest to the hospital that they do a high risk teen meeting right in our ward so that we can scare the living shit out of the girls who think being pregnant is wonderful... i do not think that i have had a moment when i can just enjoy being a pregnant woman. it just has not been fun...

 many have threatened me about even thinking of having another baby... and i think that they are right i would be nuts.


well i know that i have gabbed enough so will let ever one go with a promise of coming back and writing again real soon. 



Posted By Diane, Tuesday, August 10, 2010 8:50:00 PM
You said you would come back and write, again, real soon, but you have not ... Come on back, please. :-)