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long time no writing
1/3/2008 10:09:00 AM

Thought that it was about time that i wrote an update ....


well lets see what is happening in our lives... not much actually. life has been rather calm and relaxing lately. even Christmas this year was not stressfull. I do think that has to do with me over planning and getting everything cooked before hand and then just heating it up on the big day... I think that everyone had a good time as well.... sorry that there is no pictures that is one thing we forgot to do... and this years table setting was out of this world you would have thought that everyone was eating in the very high class resteraunt, but nope they were in my livingroom....

 I do need to thank Martha Steward for some great ideas that i would have never had without her wonderful show... I also need to thank Longwood Gardens for the inspiration that they gave as well, because of them each place setting had a little gift, and everything was done in white and silver... a rather dramatic effect.

well Christmas has all been cleaned up and put away. Ben wanted everything away by the new year. so that is what i did for him everything is complete and wonderful for the new year.

oh there is one thing that i should tell everyone out there with a wii..... the game raymond raving rabbeds is awesome. i loved every moment of playing it and i have already beat the game. i just could not stop playing... it has humor that is good for the young and the old... even Ben was getting into it... also the wii bowling is the coolest things that is out there.... Ben had my grandfather playing wii bowling on Christmas morning, that was just awesome.... sadly i do need to say that the game Golden Compass is not good at all. the graphics are rather poor, and the game plot is rather confusing for people that have not seen the movie. i tried to sell it back to game stop, and they would only give me 8$ for a game that i orignally paid 50$. sorry to say i did not trade it in i kept it and will trudge throu it when i have time...

 there is one other small thing that is should mention and that is about health insurance... it is unbelievable... i nearlly fell over when i went to the pharmacy the other night. completely insane i tell you... i can see why people would rather be on a well fare health care plan then have a job and get health care through an employer.... i know for a fact that if you have well fare and are on Access drugs cost a single 1$. Here i go to get my meds and it cost me 87$. i really think that this is rather unfair... i know people that are on well fare / access and are getting better medical treatment then i am and yet they are not paying a dime while i am paying a rather large sum. sorry but there have been some months that i was just working to pay for going to the dr. and if i am forced to do that i really feel that everyone should be forced to do the same things... make hard choices... there was a time that i thought that we all had to do this, but after meeting people that are getting free rides and seeing how they are living, and then looking at how i am living with a bunch of hard work it is rather upsetting. Then i think of how hard it is to determine who is in need and who is not, i know that i would not like to be the person that makes that decition... so i do not think that i am going to complain about this problem any longer until there is a good solution.

 okay that is it for this post... talk to everyone later.

Posted By Diane, Thursday, March 27, 2008 11:17:00 AM
It's Mar. 27. Thanks to you and Ben, I jad a wonderful birthday! This "horrible for you week" is half over. How are you surviving?

XO -- D.