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Something different
9/25/2007 3:11:00 PM

here is something that was sent to me in an e-mail.

it is rather sad and remarkable. the movie below was created by a 15 year old girl. 

it is rather moving i thought and well i wanted to share it with anyone that so happens to read my blog.

i hope that everyone enjoys the movie and perhaps thinks a little afterwards.

i am normally not a polictal person i do not like getting involved in that kind of thing, but i have to say this...

i am tired of hearing people talk bad about our President. Bush may have made misstakes and the man has come to the US people and said so. but at the same time He is doing the best that He can and doing what He thinks is right. 

Our people are over in the war fighting. We need to finish the job that we went there to do. it does not matter who started the fight all that matters is that we follow it to the end. 

the other day i had a talk with Ben and we were talking about WWI and WWII.... He made the comment that in those war it was different we were fighting for our Freedom. the enemy was on our shores. But you know i had to disagree with that, the enemy was not on our shores, the closest the enemy came to us was Pearl Harbor. and yes that woke a lot of people up. the US has lived a rather safe existance rather far from wars. in WWI it was London that was being bombed and France that was being destoried.... they are the peoples that had to rebuild there homes, schools and shops. there was no bombing on our coasts. Yet our men were there fighting and giving up there lives to make sure that others may be free. not us but all of Europe. 

so i am wondering why it that different from now. are we not fighting an enemy that wishes to  take anothers freedom? and that enemy that we are fighting did bomb our country. they came here and declaired war on us with the destruction on the Twin Towers in NY.  i know that my voice means very little and i know that many will not even see this blog post. but i say this. we need to say and fight we need to see this to the end. i am sorry that men are dieing this is war that is what happens in war. Those men and women over there know that they might die. so, i am going to support them as much as i am able too.  They are what i believe is keep the war from our shores.

okay i have gotten off the soap box.