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I say, let me never be content.
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There is progress
9/21/2007 6:12:00 PM


Okay today i must say there is progress. The pain that i have been having since the surgery is starting to go away. I must thank the invention of advil for that i think. I took a big dose of it last night like the Dr. suggested, because the vicodin was just not doning anything and well it did the trick and i was able to sleep with very little pain. Today I have backed off the pain killers, and just used some advil. To me that is a big improvement.

The Dr. said that i would start feeling like i could do things by Saturday and well she was right. I feel by Saturday i will be bright as rain or atleast able to forget about the pain as much as possible.

I think that i will beable to go back to work on Tuesday. thou i still need to tell Lori abuout needing to leave early on the 3rd. That is one appointment that i do not want to miss.

On another topic, I recieved the application for the Community college. Plus i did get a call back from University of DE. Do to being a little out of it lately i have not called back i figured that i would do so on Monday so that i can set up an appointment with the Engineering Department. As per the voice-mail message i got form them i think that they are a bit confused as to what i intend to do. I told them that i already have a BA and that i wish to recieve a BS in Engeering from there school. They asked on voice mail who did i get a BA in Engineering and was i after a Masters? So i think that i need to explain things to them. Atleast try explaining things to them.

Okay lets see what else is there to tell.

Ion has not been acting himself lately. He has not been as active sleeping and laying down alot. Then yesterday i found him licking and scratching at himself, so i think that He has fleas, so i went and got some flea stuff for Him and then others hoping that will bring him out of his funk. if not i will take hime to Saraha and see if she can see what is wrong with him. After all he is my baby boy and i do not want him feeling ill in any way.

well that is about all i have for today. will write more later.