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Being a Woman sucks
9/20/2007 6:07:00 PM

okay it is like 3 days after surgery and  well i must say that i am miserable.

i was okay monday, had some cramping but all in all okay, then tuesday it started to hurt but still tuesday morning i was okay.. webnesday i ended up in bed all day because i was just in pain....

now today i have called the Dr. twice she is telling me that everything is okay, that it is because she took so much material out of me, and i will not want to go anywhere just stay home until saturday...

i just want the pain to stop , i hurt so bad it''s not funny, and i am trying so hard to not be grumpy or cranky, and keep a good attitude and such. but i hurt so bad, i just want to cry. i can do this till saturday it is bound to get better. i have to get better. if not i am calling the Dr. on monday and telling her in very firm words that she needs to stop this pain now.

okay i think that i have complained enough will get a drink and go lay back down and see if there is something good on TV.