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the day after B-day
9/13/2007 7:42:00 PM

okay i think that it is about time that i give everyone a update as to what is going on

well yesterday it was my b-day if no one noticed.... grins

 i want to so thank Walt and Diane for calling me it was such a surprise to hear Walts voice on the voice mail

and then later in the day Diane's thank You soooooooo much

i will also say that when i received the card from Butch i nearly fell over i was so surprised... thank You Butch so much and it was great talking with You on the phone the other night. 

 oh and i got to talk to my sister, Grandmother and Step-dad...

okay okay let me recap what all happened from the wick celebration

last friday Ben took me to see Wicked in box seats .... i cried so much and really enjoyed the musical even if it was not like that book in many ways.  i even got a T-shirt... it was way amazing

okay what happened yesterday... first thing in the morning i was allowed to open my presents...

there was a new pair of crocs they are blue and oh so nice looking on my feet.... and then i got to open my big present ... it was a wii and the game Zelda. i have been playing it ever since it is a great play system and very natural to use which i did not think it would be.

i love the wii

okay after the opening of the presents Ben was off to work...

i on the other hand had an appointment with my girl Dr. i know it is not the funnest thing to do on ones' birthday but it had to be done, and it was the only time i could see her, you see i was lucky i was taking this med that made me rather sick and was on it for a month, it is  called megace. well last Friday was the last dose so i called the Dr. to see what she wanted to do and she said she wanted to see me. and when did she want to see me but on my birthday first thing . so i could not argue. well the appointment sounded really great i was to start on clomide (fertility meds) again and also was to start taking 4mg of folic acid  and baby aspirin, once i get preggie then i stop the aspirin and go on injectables which is okay.  so it seemed that things where looking up and there was now a plan of action as to creating life.

there was one thing that we had to do and that was an ultra sound to see if the problem i was having was taken care of with the megace... you see a normal uterus is 7-9mm thick and well i ran into a bleeding problem and Dr. order an ultra sound a month ago and discovered that my walls were 17mm thick , the megace was to take care of the wall thickness and shrik it to normal. the only way to tell if it worked is with another ultra sound. which i am great with no problem drink water lay down get to see pics of my insides and then away i go. not a problem besides the Dr. and i thought that the walls would be back to normal.  i scheduled the ultra sound for today and had the greatest tech in the world oh she was funny.

the Dr. called me later this afternoon because not everything is perfect and right as she hoped. instead of the walls getting thinner they got thicker now they are 26mm. and it explains alot with how i have been feeling, it was not all the meds fault it seems. i  can not have a baby at the moment because the walls are too thick the baby would not be able to attach. the walls need to be thinned and the med did not work so i am having a short quick in and out on Monday to surgically thin the walls and see if she can spot the problem. basically we are going to stop the growth in it's tracks. plus she said that she wants me to get preggie as soon as possible if all goes well. i am hoping that all goes well. guess i am not working on monday Ben is going to take off too. it will be good to have Him there with me.

okay back to the birthday....

after the Dr. i went on a secret voyage for a Walt Birthday gift hehehehehehehehe.... it was a very long trip but well worth it.  met some really nice people too.. but that is all i am going to say until the actual birthday of Walt.

then i came back home got something to eat and off again i went to an appointment to see about taking a Math class and some other classes at the community college and at University of De... a very cool thing is that the BA that i already have and is worthless will transfer so i will not have to take any junk courses ... it is something to keep my mind from going nuts , and they are cheep enought that working for military pays for them. which is awesome. i need to meet with a person in the engineering department and i am waiting for an app from the community college. don't worry i am going to take this slow and i am not going to tack on more det we have enough everything that i do in regards to learning i plan to pay for with my play money which is the money that i save up from working for Military Fin doing QC. and also working over time in collections.  it is a goal to shoot for and a way of supporting myself if something ever happened to Ben god forbid. i need and want to be able to be independent and stand on my own two feet if i need.  the sad thing is i looked in the big book of jobs and well my BA in Fine arts is only worth between 24,000 and 14,000$ and they come right out and say you will need a second job you can not live on this.  Ben finds this funny me i find it frustrating so i am doing something about it.

from there i came back home and played with my wii until Ben came home.

Ben being the wonderful person that He is surprised me once more with a dinner at Krazy Kats the best place ever {simple elegance}. we both had fish and ice tea it was very good and the waiter was great He remembered us from before and was funny he made the night very enjoyable.

from there we came home and crashed for the night.... i am still tired today from how full the day was.

and i left out the going on line and starting to review algebra problems and working my way to Cal. very exciting stuff LOL

okay i think that is good for one post don't you think... never a dull moment