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the weekend
5/29/2007 4:54:00 PM

hi everyone

i just wanted to let everyone out there know how the weekend went, being that it was a long one and well there was a lot of together time that normally Ben and i do not get. the time that we have together is normally in the morning and then at night for an hour or two. but that is about it.

i think that i surprised Ben this weekend as well. because i choose to do things with his even if it was not my cup of tea then go off on my own and do things. 

so let us go back in time all the way back to oh lets say Saturday. lol is that back far enough for you? Well we did not see in that is for sure, but it could have been worse i think. holiday weekend not sleeping in, oh yeah sounds about right.

well Saturday we had plans more plans then we were able to get done. sadly. All day Saturady we worked on the hydroponics system killing aphids i hate aphids they are not nice, and they kill my babies... so i sprayed and sprayed this organic pest killer that was basicly seseame seed oil so that was cool. sadly it did not work as well as we wished it had we still have the little buggers.

we also hung a reflective paper on the walls to help with the light, and we moved the systems around, put new plastic on the floor, and tied the tomatoe monsters up better, oh and i also cut them back a little. well that took almost the whole day which Ben felt bed about but, it was okay it was something that had to be done.

then Sunday rolled along and well we slept in a bit later then normal and it felt soooooooooo good.  well i wanted to go bike riding with Ben on sunday not realizing that it was going to be hot as hell. Ben was great thou He really was, we packed the bikes up and off riding we went. we thought that it was be great to ride up 52 like i go to trouble's house. there are a lot of little shops if You ride up far enough and it is rather just nice country. well as we rode i get tired and right were i was ready to give up was the entrence to Winterthur, i really beautiful place to walk and just enjoy the out doors. and it seemed like a great place for Ben and i to wall around before making the trip back. well it did not work that way. i do not know if You have read Ben's blog yet or not but He is posting something in there which talks about the event. i was sooooo angery, the gaurd at the gate would not even let me get off my bike and walk it to the visitors center. that is just mean. after all the place is there for the public to enjoy, and they let horse in there why not me and my bike. well sad to say i was so mad that i turned my bike around and we rode home.and all i could think was.... i can't even go on the grass with my bike, i would fall over.  ahh well it is another place that i am not going to go back to. nice or not.

On our way back home Ben and i stopped at a few places looking at things. then out of the blue He said would You like to get something to eat. i said sure, and we went to the Dinner. that was fun. it gave us time to think about the gaurd and what kind of letter that we wanted to write the company He worked for. after all why turn paying customers away if they are willing to walk or leave there bikes at the gate?

well we went home after having something to eat and showered and got dressed in something kind of nice. then off to a Freinds out for His picnic in which we really did not eat anything, but it was nice to talk to people, and to listen to what they were talking about.

after that we went to Long Wood Gardens for the fountain and fireworks show. that was just down right awesome. right as they were going to have the event a huge thunderstorm popped up. they made everyone go into the conservitory. because the weather people where saying to take cover, and the storm was bad very very bad. so we talked with the people around us for over an hour. waiting to see if the fireworks were going to happen. and surprizingly they did. at 10:15 they were going to go off, so back down to the field we went, and this time we got the best seats in the house, right upfront in the center. it was amazing. We were so close that we were covered with soot from the fireworks themselves. i loved it. it was a night filled with adventure and beauty what more could a person ask for.

as soon as i got home put bread makings in the bread maker and went to bed.

in the morning there was fresh bread, in which we ate... so i had to make another loaf.

then to Ben's Moms we went, to spend a wonderful day and night.




Posted By Tom, Tuesday, May 29, 2007 9:29:00 PM
Hi, glad the Winterthur experience did not ruin the mood for the fireworks. I did not even get out of my parking space for 20 minutes after getting to the car. Had to wash off soot when I got home.