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Our Experiences with Reproductive Associates of Delaware
3/12/2008 11:48:00 PM

As some of you may know, we've been seeing a fertility specialist for the last few months, as pregnancy has mysteriously eluded us.  Our regular doctor, Molly McBride has always treated us well.  Molly is excellent at what she does, and we can only give positive feedback about our treatment by both her, and her practice "The Womens' Place".  They're good people.  Additionally, Molly really did an excellent job on the outpatient surgery that Jessawick needed (a few months ago).

A few months ago, Molly realized that our complications might be beyond the scope of her practice (she's an OB/GYN, not a fertility specialist), and she referred us to the Reproductive Associates of Delaware.  We've been seeing them for a few months now, with limited success.

A few weeks ago, we received a letter from the Reproductive Associates of Delaware regarding a dispute with Delaware Blue Cross.  The letter advised us that they may discontinue accepting Delaware Blue Cross (our medical insurance) within a few months.  I can't speak for anyone beyond ourselves, but continuity is an important part of fertility care.  Should Jessawick become pregnant, we're going to need continuing follow up care.  Since the possibility existed that they would abandon our medical insurance, we were forced to seek out another doctor.

We've just had our first visit with the new doctor (Dr. Jefferey Russell).  It was quite informative.  He told us about new techniques that will really get us some answers.  He was both a great comfort and great help.  We're looking forward to working with him, and it's looking like we'll finally get some success.  He has a systematic plan for us, which should give us an answer in the near term.  Additionally, he provided some insights that (in retrospect) are quite obvious, but had not previously come to light.  Additionally, he told us in no uncertain terms, that he is not quarreling with Blue Cross Delaware.  That's a relief.

It was a stark contrast with the previous care we received.   This made me realize a few things about our previous treatment at Reproductive Associates of Delaware...

I don't specifically fault our doctor at Reproductive Associates of Delaware.  However, I do place much of the fault on the office staff.  The front desk was consistently rude, and was rarely attentive to our concerns.  During our entire time with Reproductive Associates of Delaware, we didn't receive any real answers.  We had a ton of testing performed, but all the results were "normal".  In retrospect, I've started to think that many of the tests may not have been as necessary as I originally believed.  We got lots of testing (and lots of costly office visits), but really didn't get any answers.  On the whole, I cannot recommend Reproductive Associates of Delaware.  I hope that our case is unique, but I have doubts.

05/16/2008 Followup: 

Since we've switched to Dr. Jefferey Russell, we've had a great breakthrough.  He performed a surgery which he initially beleived to be exploratory... However, it turned to be much more.  It turns out that Jessawick's fallopian tubes weren't in the correct "position" for the egg to travel properly.  He performed a quick repair during the surgery, and we should be able to conceive pretty soon.

This has just driven home the point about Reproductive Associates of Delaware... I feel that they were taking the shortest path directly to IVF, rather than providing the best path for conception.  We've got nothing but praise for Dr. Jefferey Russell.  If you're in Delaware, we'd recommend looking him up.  Once Jessawick is fully healed-up, we'll start a new cycle.

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