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July 2008 Followup
7/19/2008 9:34:00 AM

I realize that I have not posted updates to the site in what seems an eternity.  I've been distraced by my many side projects, and have been unable to devote much time to Barnyard.  Most of this is due to the recent demands of the photography business.  We've become much more successful that I originally anticipated.  It's taking more time than I expected, and we're growing more quickly than I imagined.

Additionally, Jessawick and I have celebrated our third anniversary.  My family has an interesting tradition, which was continued this year...

At our wedding, the cake was really, really good.  In fact, it was so good that the entire cake was demolished before we got very much of it.  For our first anniversary, my mother got the idea to get us a baby-sized version of the original.  Ever since, it's been tradition.  Here's this year's installment:


Secondarily... We went to Red Square for our anniversary.  Red Square is easily the best restaurant that we've ever visited.  We've been there twice, and each time the experience was impeccable.  I can't say enough nice about them.