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Red Clay Referendum Defeated, and Soundly Spanked
5/21/2007 6:30:00 PM

It seems that running referrenda is all the rage in Delaware this year.  It seems all the school districts are getting in on the game.  Recently, the referendum wagon came to down in my area.  The Red Clay school district decided it wanted more money, so it called for a referendum.  For reference, it's only been about three years since the last one.

The voters trashed it pretty soundly.  The final score was 6620 (against) vs. 4822 (for).  That's a pretty wide defeat.  Especially because the district has been hard selling it to the residents.  The official results are on the Delaware Elections Page.

It makes sense that it was defeated though; Red Clay is a lousy school district.  We'll need some results before we open our collective wallet.

They love to talk about property value when they're pushing for a 'yes' vote.  I've got new for them... If the success of the school district actually affected my property value; it would already be in the crapper.

Sorry guys.  Nice try.  No dice.

However, like all school districts that don't get their way, they will undoubtedly run another one.  Delaware permits two attempts per year.  I'm sure the second round is already being planned.  Brandywine already has a date for their second round.  They failed on the first try also, but theirs was a much closer race.  They didn't get the profound thumping that Red Clay received.

Don't worry; we'll be there for round two...  And we'll still be voting 'No'. 

Posted By skye, Monday, May 21, 2007 9:24:00 PM