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Hydroponics Tuesday has grown so much that it has a website of its own. Visit to see it's new home.

Barnyard News
11/20/2006 6:51:00 PM
I've recently made a new addition to the site. I realized that I've been lax in my following of legislative process here in Delaware; so I built something for my own selfish convenience. It's an aggregator of proposed, pending, and approved legislation in the state. Maybe I'll be able to prevent the next obnoxious bill from sneaking into law without any announcement.

Check it out:
Barnyard News
10/20/2006 6:28:00 PM

I've just added a new feature to the site. Now you can see the movies that we're watching. It's using the feed supplied by Netflix.

You can check it out here.
Barnyard News
7/28/2006 7:12:00 PM
Upgrades abound!

I've just added a facility for "Live Bookmarks" to the site. If you happen to use Firefox, IE 7 (Beta), or another browser that understands them; you'll be pretty happy.


I'm publishing XML feeds of both the blog and the photo gallery. Let me know how it works out.