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If you have made it this far, you are probably interested in what projects I have completed.  The list below shows some of the more meaningful projects that I have worked with in the past.

Last updated 01/26/2007

WMPH Radio 91.7 Wilmington (2005-2007)

I volunteer with a local educational radio station, Super 91.7 WMPH Wilmington.  The station is owned and operated by the Brandywine school district.  It is operated as a Broadcast Learning Center for the benefit of the students and the surrounding community.

I primarily contribute to the station by providing hosting and website construction and services.  I have built the new website for them in the hopes that it will further their cause and help them to grow.

  • Website Features:
    • Completely rewritten, with a standardized and consistent design
    • Extensive use of XML feeds and web services
    • Silent integration with the station computers
    • Automatic integration of playlist data
    • Self-Updating OnDemand music content
    • Fully automated interactive show, Total Control Radio
    • Very interactive, with lots of dynamic online content
    • Produced in standard HTML with ASP.NET

The active website is, or listen to the station live.

  • The WMPH website

Magnum Cash Advance (2003-2006)

Magnum Cash Advance is a Delaware licensed lender specializing in short-term high-risk loans for civilians (instead of being military specific).  I designed a large portion of the infrastructure and systems that support Magnum.  Although there are too many details to list, here are some of the highlights of the project:

  • Full-Service Website:
    • Complete online lending document generation
    • Customer loan progress information / Customer Service
    • Full 'Rules Based' underwriting and qualification system
  • Completely Automated Office:
    • Fully integrated document imaging
    • Seamless customer progression and workflow
    • Direct local integration with website
    • Streamlined application, designed to allow staff to focus on customers, not busy-work
  • The Magnum Cash Advance Website

Military Financial (2003-2006)

Military Financial is a short-term lender that specializes in loans to the United States military.  We help our soldiers meet their financial needs during their turbulent transitions.  I designed most of the infrastructure and systems that support Military Financial's business model.  Here are some of the systems and features that I have implemented at Military Financial.

  • Full-Service Website:
    • Customer loan information
    • Customer Service and Inquiries
  • Full-Service Phone System:
    • Customer Service / Automated Service from anywhere in the world
    • Directly integrated into the office control systems
  • Highly Automated Office:
    • Fully integrated underwriting and document generation
    • Directly integrated fax and email system
    • Website and Phone System interlink
    • Streamlined application, designed to allow staff to focus on customers, not procedure

MediGraph Software is a medical software firm specializing in documentation and billing software for physical therapists, chiropractors, and orthopedic surgeons.  I have been involved with MediGraph since it's inception in 2000.  It is a complete office management system that features:

  • Clinician-Driven documentation that facilitates reimbursement
  • Directly integrated billing that makes invoice and charge generation seamless
  • Fully capable EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) for electronic billing
  • Over 300 Peer-Reviewed medical studies and procedures
  • Full objective orthopedic testing and evaluation
  • A complete Functional Capacity Evaluation that has been double peer-reviewed
  • Full APTA compliant narratives
  • Over 400 illustrative and informative images
  • Intelligent sentence composer:  made to make documenting easy

I was Chief Developer on the MediGraph project.  I designed the original system, and have been involved throughout the entire process.  We have taken it from an idea to a system that services over 500 clinics nationwide.  Although my primary focus is on the lending companies these days, I am still actively involved with MediGraph.

  • The MediGraph Documentation Application
  • A MediGraph Documentation Report
  • The MediGraph Billing Application

W-Lok Corporation

My background in locksmithing and security found me an engineering job at a company named W-Lok.  I was the head of engineering for the US division.  My job consisted primarily of revising locking system designs and serving as a liaison to our sales and marketing departments.

During my time there, I improved many of the high-security locking systems that we designed and marketed. 

The two pictures to the left are marketing photos of two armored stainless steel padlocks that I helped to design and test.

As one of the only engineers located in the United States, I was assigned to produce all of the training materials destined for our dealers and customers.  The pictures on the left show two shots of our interactive training system.  This system was used by all of our direct dealers, staff, and customers.

The locks that we produced were the highest grade available on the market.  Usually people do not think about servicing a padlock; but when that padlock is a major investment, the issue becomes quite important.

  • W-Lok Marketing Promos
  • W-Lok Training Materials
  • W-Lok Training Materials